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( Post date: 24/05/2010 access: 7611)
Indochina Park Tower is located at No. 4 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., Dist. 1, which is the political, cultural and social hub of the city. The building has an beautiful view to Nhieu Loc Channel, Saigon River and is at a convenient site for transportation.

The building has 23 storeys including 3 basements and 20 on-ground storeys with the land area of 1.190 m2 and the total floor area of 17.537 m2. The building consists of two blocks: office block and residential block.

The office block is from the first floor to the third floor with the area of 2.145 m2 and is designed into the block structure with the area of 80 - 120 m2 / block. This block uses an elevator with the capacity of 750kg, a separate staircase, and is connected to the two stairways of the apartment block by the fire escape in case of emergency.

The residential block is from the forth floor to the nineteenth floor with the area of 10.430 m2. It includes 98 apartments; the area of each apartment is from 72,2 to 108,7 m2. Each floor is divided into two blocks; each block has from 3 to 4 apartments. The residential block uses 2 elevators at the ca[acity of 750 kg for each, a 1,3-meter staircase, a fire escape from each block to the another.

The basement is the technical area and the parking with the total area of 3.240 m2 for 3 floor. The first basement is the motorbike and car parking for the office block. The second and the third basements are for the motorbike and car parking for the residential blocks. The total capacity of the parking is 48 cars and 250 motobikes.

There are also the mezzanine for the public service, the gym, the conference room, and the medical room. With the area of 664 m2 the ground floor is the reception area for both office block and residential block. The terrace with the area of 1.048 m2 is the cafeteria and the technical area.

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